DVABatch: Diversity-aware Multi-Entry Multi-Exit Batching for Efficient Processing of DNN Services on GPUs


The DNN inferences are often batched for better utilizing the hardware in existing DNN serving systems. However, DNN serving exhibits diversity in many aspects, such as input, operator, and load. The unawareness of these diversities results in inefficient processing. Our investigation shows that the inefficiency roots in the feature of the existing batching mechanism- one entry and one exit. Therefore, we propose DVABatch, a runtime batching system that enables the multi-entry multiexit batching scheme. We first abstract three meta operations, new, stretch, and split, for adjusting the ongoing batch of queries to achieve the multi-entry multi-exit scheme. The meta operations could be used to form different scheduling logics for different diversities. To deliver the meta operations to an ongoing batch, we slice the DNN models into multiple stages. Each stage corresponds to one executor, which is managed by a state transition diagram. Compared with state-of-the-art solutions, our experimental results show that DVABatch reduces 46.4% average latency and achieves up to 2.12× throughput improvement.

In 2022 USENIX Annual Technical Conference